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Image: Zoos SA

Penguin Chicks Splash in to Life at Adelaide Zoo

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Date: January 22, 2023 12:30 pm

A record breaking year for penguin breeding has been just one of the highlights for bird keepers at Adelaide Zoo in recent weeks. Breeding success has occurred with a number of species which are part of conservation efforts at the Australian attraction.

In a record year for the zoo's little penguin colony they have welcomed 7 little penguin chicks over the past 5 months.

On Penguin Awareness day three of the chicks, 12-week-old Tommy, Piper and 9-week-old Flounder took their first swim in the zoo's penguin pool.

Acting Senior Keeper of Natives, Amelia Kennett, said the trio were naturals. “These three Little Penguins were hand-raised by keepers from five weeks old and they have grown up to be such confident chicks,” she said.

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“They love to swim and took to the water straight away. We’ve had such an amazing season this year – it’s the biggest on record with seven little ones hatched!

The breeding success continued across the zoo as part of their conservation efforts for endangered species as Amelia explained, ''Adelaide Zoo has had an amazing summer welcoming chicks to two critically endangered species - eight Orange-bellied Parrots and three critically-endangered Regent Honeyeaters.''

“It has been wonderful to see such endangered native bird species thriving at Adelaide Zoo and be part of their ongoing conservation efforts.”

Zoos SA (operator of Adelaide Zoo) have experienced further breeding success at their sister site, Monarto Safari Park. You can meet those new arrivals here - Monarto Safari Park Hatch Critically Endangered Birds

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Our Favorite Little Penguin Fact!

Standing just 33cm (13in) tall, the little penguin is the world's smallest penguin species. Despite this they have a voracious appetite and each day they will consume up to one third of their body weight in foods such as squid, crustaceans, fish and krill.

Image: Zoos SA

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