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Penzi the African Elephant Turns 3 at Reid Park Zoo


The Animal Facts Editorial Team


April 9, 2023 7:36 pm


Reid Park Zoo, Arizona, The United States

The smallest member of the African elephant herd at the Reid Park Zoo turned a year older this week and keepers at the Arizona attraction celebrated with a jumbo sized birthday celebration. Penzi the African elephant was born to mother Sembu on April 6th 2020.

Keepers decked out the elephant enclosure at the zoo with a range of elephant sized treats including a large layered popsicle birthday cake. Guests watched on as the elephants made short work of the special logs and trees which filled the yard.

Penzi was a ray of sunshine at the start of the Covid pandemic and continues to delight visitors to the zoo till this day.

The elephant herd at the Reid Park Zoo are ambassadors for their wild cousins which are increasingly threatened by habitat loss and poaching.

Reid Park Zoo support the conservation of elephants in their native Africa through providing funding to a a field project in Africa to provide safe corridors for elephant migration, while working to educate guests on the importance of elephants and the challenges facing them. 

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Our Favourite African Elephant Fact!

The African elephant has a symbiotic relationship with a number of bird species. It is not uncommon to see them carrying a number of bird passengers as they move across the savanna. These birds will help to eat any parasites off the skin of the elephant.

Image: © Reid Park Zoo

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