Perth Zoo Breed Incredibly Rare and Cute Numbats

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Date: August 8, 2020 11:00 am

perth zoo numbat joeys

File photo of an adult numbat

Photo Credit: Under License

Perth Zoo has celebrated another successful numbat breeding season with 11 joeys being born.

Recently they released the video below giving a first look at this seasons joeys as they cling to their mother’s belly.

Numbats are incredibly rare in the wild. It is thought that as few as 1,000 remain.

Perth Zoo is on the front line of numbat conservation. In fact they are the only zoo in the world that currently breeds numbats.

Video Credit: Perth Zoo

Numbats are marsupials so their babies are born early in their development and spend the first part of their life in a pouch on mum’s belly.

When these babies reach 1 year old they will be returned to the wild.

Over the last 27 years Perth Zoo has returned 225 numbats to the wild and some have even had joeys over there own.

This critical support helps to ensure numbats will be around for years to come.

Learn more about Perth Zoo on their website – Perth Zoo

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Credit: Under License

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