Perth Zoo Welcome Giraffe Calf to the Family

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Date: September 4, 2021 10:10 pm

Giraffe Calf Perth Zoo

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Perth Zoo celebrated the safe arrival of a female giraffe calf on the morning of September 3rd 2021. Mother Kitoto gave birth to her calf during a two and a half hour labor in the safety of their barn at 11.37am.

Both mom and bub were said to be well after birth and are being given a chance to bond away from the public in the giraffe nursery. Soon after the birth mom was seen the licking the calf clean.

Eager to start her new life the calf was standing just 30 minutes after birth. Within an hour she had, had her first taste of milk.

This is the third calf for Kitoto and her partner Armani. They are paired as part of a coordinated effort to breed giraffes in Australian zoos.

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Over the next few weeks the giraffe calf will bond with its family in the nursery. It won’t have all their attention for long though.

Another female giraffe at Perth Zoo, Ellie is expected to give birth in the coming weeks meaning more excitement lies ahead for the family.

At birth the giraffe calf weighed in at an estimated 50-55kg (110-121lbs) with a height of 180cm (71in) tall.

The giraffe calf at Perth Zoo soon after birth with mother Kitoto

Video Credit: Perth Zoo

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