Philippines crocodile moves home at Melbourne Zoo

Philippines crocodile

Philippines crocodile Isabela has moved into her new home at Melbourne Zoo’s new Lion Gorge Exhibit this week. She slithered into her pool soon after reptile keepers had successfully moved her from the Reptile House.

Isabela is the mother of a clutch of young crocodiles born last year. Seven of her offspring recently returned to their native home in Palawan in the Southern Philippines.

In their native home the Philippines crocodile is an endangered species. Their population is decreasing as a result of human conflict. They have declined in number to just 250.

Philippines crocodile move

From her new home in Lion Gorge Isabela will be an ambassador for her wild cousins. The habitat also aims to educate visitors on the role that predators have at the top of the food chain.

Isabela is the only female on display with other inhabitants of the habitat being three African lion brothers from Melbourne Zoo, four African Wild Dog brothers from Perth Zoo along with a range of invertebrates and reptiles.

Photo Credits: Melbourne Zoo

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