Playtime with papa for young lion cubs

You may remember the four lion cubs we showed you a couple of weeks ago on the animal facts. If not check out that story here-

Well it’s been a big week for those cubs as they met their dad for the first time ever. The cubs who are now 4 months old have been living with their mum Oshana for the first few months of their life. Until the past few days they have only been able to see their dad Izu. Keepers are hoping the cubs will thrive with access to their dad. Dad might not be as happy with the cubs playful nature as the photo below shows.


Tony Franceschiello, senior keeper at the zoo said, “Lions are the only social cat. They live in a pride. It is always our ultimate goal that we get them out here together as a group, as a pride. It pretty much replicates what would happen in the wild. She (Oshana) would go off and have her cubs on her own, and when they’re old enough she brings them back to the pride and introduces them, and everyone is together.”

When let out into the exhibit this morning the cubs, Ernest, Evelyn, Marion and Miss Ellen ran excitedly onto the grass. Izu was then let out and sat patiently allowing the cubs to pounce and climb on him. One cheeky little cub even took a swipe at Izus tail.

The cubs born on June 22 have been bonding with Oshana till this time. Izu and the cubs were recently allowed visual contact so they were prepared for the actual meeting. After a month of seeing each other Izu was given the opportunity to sniff and lick his offspring through a fence. All of this led to the successful meeting that took place.

Visitors can meet the vocal, curious, active and feisty cubs at the Zoo’s lion camp exhibit

Photo Credit: Ken Bohn/San Diego Zoo

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