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Potter Park Zoo Welcome Tufted Deer Fawn


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April 25, 2023 4:10 pm


Lansing, Michigan, The United States

Potter Park Zoo have announced the birth of a female tufted deer fawn. Mother Lucy and father Dezi welcomed the latest addition to their family on April 10 2023.

At birth the fawn had a difficult start to life requiring care from zoo vets. It is now doing well. Director of Animal Health, Dr. Ronan Eustace said, “The fawn was found to have failure of passive transfer and she needed supplemental colostrum and antibiotics, but now appears to be doing well. Due to her initial condition, we will continue to monitor her growth and development closely,” said Dr. Ronan.

"The birth of this fawn is both exciting and rewarding,” said Kim Hernandez, hoofstock keeper lead. “By successfully breeding, we are contributing to the protection and preservation of this species for future generations to appreciate and enjoy."

The tufted deer is a threatened species in their native China as a result of habitat loss and hunting. Each addition to the captive population is welcomed with these individuals part of a managed program to save the species known as the Tufted Deer Species Survival Plan (SSP). This ensures genetic diversity and a healthy population of tufted deers.

Parents Lucy and Dezi were paired at Potter Park Zoo as part of this program. Lucy moved to Michigan from Florida's Zoo Tampa in 2019.

Female tufted deers will care for their young on their own with no involvement from the father. At birth the fawn is fully furred with white spots on the brown coat. At present she is developing in an off-display area under the watchful eye of mother Lucy. You can keep up with her progress on the zoo's social media accounts.

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Our Favourite Tufted Deer Fact!

The large canine teeth found on the tufted deer are used by males during fights with one another over territory and mates.

Image: © Potter Park Zoo

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