Precious Porcupettes Play at the Nashville Zoo

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Date: July 4, 2021 4:30 am

Nashville Zoo Cape Porcupines

Two of the cape porcupine babies play at the Nashville Zoo

Photo Credit: Kate Johns/ Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo have introduced their latest arrivals, a trio of baby cape porcupines otherwise known as porcupettes. The babies were born on June 26th 2021 to mother Mkali.

On July 1st 2021 veterinarians were able to conduct a neonatal exam on the young porcupines during which they confirmed that all three are healthy. They are yet to determine the gender of them.

Nashville Zoo Cape Porcupines

One of the keepers at the Nashville Zoo introduces a baby porcupine to an intrigued guest

Photo Credit: Kate Johns/ Nashville Zoo

The porcupettes will spend the first few weeks of life with their parents after which keepers will care for them so they are acclimated to people. As they are friendly they can become ambassadors for their species.

This will allow them to be part of unique educational experiences which will connect visitors with wildlife.

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These three baby porcupines represent the second litter for Mkali since her arrival at the Nashville Zoo in the spring of 2020. Her first litter of two was born on her first birthday.

Cape porcupines typically breed from September to December which means that these arrivals were quite a surprise for keepers. They came 14 days after her last suspected birthing window.

“She gave birth to the first porcupette while on exhibit Sunday morning. Then we brought her back inside to a more temperature and light-controlled location where she had two more,” said Lead Keeper for Contact Area, Nate Morris.

Nashville Zoo Cape Porcupines

A keeper holds two of the baby cape porcupines which have been born at the Nashville Zoo

Photo Credit: Kate Johns/ Nashville Zoo

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Learn more about the Nashville Zoo on their website – Nashville Zoo

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