Primates a plenty for Dudley Zoo

Dudley zoo is celebrating the birth of 3 monkeys which have been born. A pair of two month old lemurs and a baby black howler monkey born last month.

The two lemurs have been named Icarus and Kinch, after a Greek legend and a Mayan sun god. Keepers could only name them in the past week after they had their sex check.


The pair of lemurs were born on August 21, the upper primates keeper, Sam Grove said, “The babies are doing well and are already starting to leave mum and explore their new surroundings for themselves.”

These newborns live alongside Phoebe, their mum, Frank the dad and their siblings, Nelly, Kelly, Spock and Freya.

The keepers have also been able to sex the howler monkey this week. The cheeky little monkey climbed onto the assistant curator, Richard Brown while a health place was undertaken on her mother, Avyanna.

Pat Stevens, the upper primates section said, “The vet sedated Avyanna to carry out the quick check, but she was still carrying the baby on her side.”


“While she was lying down on a duvet, the baby decided to crawl off mum and began making his way up Richard’s arm and then snuggled into his fleece, where we were able to confirm he is a male – that’s Avyanna’s fourth baby boy,” added Stevens.

While he was separated he was microchipped. After this was finished the keepers placed him back at Avyannas side leaving her none the wiser to his little adventures.


One day this little primate will grow to be one of South and Central America’s largest creatures. He will also become part of the European managed breeding programme for this species.

The keepers are seeking a name for the youngster who joins family members, Avyanna, their dad Dargie and brothers Arie, Becks and Tyson.

Photo Credit: Dudley Zoo


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