Pygmy hippo calf named at Melbourne Zoo

Pygmy Hippo

Melbourne Zoo’s pygmy hippo has celebrated two major milestones in his 3rd week on earth. The young calf received his name and also ventured into the main exhibit for the first time.

Keepers have chosen the name Obi for the three-week old calf. This name means ‘heart’ in the Nigerian language, Igob.

Pygmy hippo

He also was able to take his first dip in the main pool. Luckily Wild Sea Manager, Justin Valentine said “he loves the water and spends hours in the small pool, so he is ready for the next step.”

Mum Petre has been attentive through the whole process helping him with his swimming lessons.

Pygmy Hippo

Obi has grown well in her care growing from 5kg (11lb) to 13kg (28.5lb). He has been growing at about 500g (1lb) a day.

Currently he spends some of his day on exhibit but also retreats behind the scenes at times to take a quick nap before getting up to explore again.

Pygmy hippo

Dur to a reduction of their rainforest habitat this species is listed as endangered in the wild.

Photo Credit: Melbourne Zoo

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