Pygmy hippo plays outside at Melbourne Zoo


Melbourne Zoo’s young pygmy hippopotamus calf has taken his first steps outside today when he was given access to the nursery yard.

Born to mother Petre and dad, Felix he has successfully bonded with mum and been seen nursing. Petre has proven to be a very good mother.


The birth is important due to Melbourne Zoo not having bred this endangered species since 1981.


Justine Valentine, Wild Sea Manager at Melbourne Zoo said, “All of us are incredibly excited to be welcoming this calf after so many years without a Pygmy Hippo birth.”

Hippo calf

Melbourne is working as part of regional and international breeding programs to help halt the drastic decline of wild pygmy hippos which is being caused by loss of habitat and poaching.Hippo

Due to their rainforest habitat it is difficult to pin down just how many of these hippos remain.

Photo Credit: Melbourne Zoo

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