Rascally red kangaroo hops out of the pouch

Red kangaroo

Rascal the red kangaroo is the first kangaroo joey born this year at Healesville Sanctuary.

Born the size of a jellybean Rascal has spent five months growing in mum’s pouch before poking his head out for the first time this week. Born pink the joey has to crawl up its mother stomach and into the pouch.  Here they attacch to a teat and begin feeding on milk.

red kangaroo

Rosie is an accomplished mother having raised a number of joey’s in her 11 years. She also has dad Roopert to help keep Rascal in line.

red kangaroo

He can be a bit cheeky madly playing chasey around the Kangaroo Paddock habitat at Healesville Sanctuary. He has also been seen playing with mum’s ears while she tries to sleep.

Red kangaroo

Once they discovered the joey keepers waited patiently for it to jump out of the pouch so they could discover his gender. Once they determined it was a boy their Facebook friends were quick to jump in with name suggestions.

Photo Credits: Healesville Sanctuary

By Cale Russell

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