Rescued Penguin Pierre Connects with Other Penguins Using an iPad

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Date: August 30, 2020 1:50 pm

perth zoo penguin rescue

Pierre the rescued rockhopper penguin

Photo Credit: Perth Zoo

Keepers at Perth Zoo have come up with an adorable way to keep a rescued penguin entertained while he is in care. Pierre has been watching his iPad with keepers at the Australian Zoo.

Pierre was rescued from a beach after he completed a record breaking swim from an island in the Indian or South Atlantic ocean. When he was found he had feathers issues which made his waterproofing ineffective and as such he cannot yet be released.

He is currently the only northern rockhopper penguin in an Australian Zoo and as such does not have any of his own kind to socialize with.

To keep him connected to his own species keepers have been playing livestreams of penguins at zoos such as Edinburgh and Kansas City Zoo. Another favorite is the pingu TV series.

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Pierre watches penguins on his iPad

Video Credit: Perth Zoo

Keepers will continue to provide enrichment and iPad time for Pierre as the search begins to find another zoo where Pierre can join his own kind while he finishes being rehabilitated.

Rockhopper penguins get their name from the habitat of jumping around their rocky habitats. They are one of the world’s most threatened penguin species.

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