Rescued Tortoises Join the Oakland Zoo Family

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Date: March 10, 2022 1:42 pm

Rescued Tortoises at Oakland Zoo

A rescued Aldabra giant tortoise is examined by a vet after its arrival at the Oakland Zoo

Photo Credit: Oakland Zoo

Oakland Zoo have become the forever home of two Aldabra giant tortoise. These tortoises were both rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. They arrived at Oakland Zoo after being rescued from a roadside zoo in Oklahoma by the Wildcare Foundation.

Wildcare provided initial treatment for the tortoises before seeking a permanent home for them. They worked with the Chelonian Taxonomic Advisory Group, part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) to decide on a permanent home for the tortoises.

Rescued Tortoises at Oakland Zoo

The two rescued Aldabra giant tortoises were transported to the Oakland Zoo on the backseat of a car

Photo Credit: Oakland Zoo

“We take a lot of pride in giving rescues a home here at Oakland Zoo. While there are more animals in need out there than we have the space and the caregiving capacity for, we’re thankful to be able to give at least some of those rescues the best quality of life possible," says Nik Dehejia, CEO at Oakland Zoo.

These two tortoises were keen to show off their personalities upon their arrival at the zoo. One of the boys is shy while the other was happy to interact with them during his initial examination.

We’re excited to welcome these boys to the family. We’ve administered many tests such as bloodwork, x-rays, viral testing, checking for parasites, and administering any necessary treatment,” says Dr. Alex Herman, VP of Veterinary Services at Oakland Zoo.

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Oakland Zoo play a key role in the rescue and care of animals affected by the illegal wildlife trade. A vast majority of the animals housed at the zoo have come through the illegal wildlife trade. This is partly due to the zoo's placement near the Port of Oakland from where animals seized are brought to the zoo for care.

A number of these were caught to be sold in to the pet trade. Aldabra giant tortoises can live for up to 120 years often outliving their owners. They reach sizes of up to 550lbs meaning they need ample space to call home.

Oakland Zoo have a half acre habitat where six other tortoises currently live. Once they have been assessed to be healthy by the zoo's vets they will be introduced to the rest of the tortoises.

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Rescued Tortoises at Oakland Zoo

Two Aldabra giant tortoises are settling in to their new home at the Oakland Zoo following their rescue

Photo Credit: Oakland Zoo

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