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Rhinoceros Iguana Is Certified as World’s Oldest by Guinness World Records

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: January 19, 2021 11:45 pm

rhinoceros iguana australia zoo

The Irwin family with Rhino the rhinoceros iguana and his Guinness World Record

Photo Credit: Australia Zoo

Rhino, the rhinoceros iguana has secured his very own Guinness World Record! He has been recognized as the world’s oldest rhinoceros iguana, almost doubling the previous record.

The world record states, “The oldest living rhino iguana in captivity is Rhino (b. 23 Feb 1980), who was aged 40 years 278 days as of 27 Nov 2020. Rhino is a resident at Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland, Australia, where he has lived since 1993.”

According to Guinness World Records, “This almost doubles the age of the previous greatest lifespan on record for rhino iguanas of just under 23 years old.”

Terri Irwin is thrilled that Australia Zoo’s Rhino has received a world record. “We are so happy that Rhino has been granted this award and is officially a Guinness World Record holder. Rhino has been a part of our family for 27 years! We love visiting him to give him his morning scratches and breakfast.”

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Australia Zoo is full of record breakers with their giraffe, Forest having been recognized by the Guinness World Record’s team as the world’s tallest living giraffe in July 2020.

“Two of Australia Zoo’s residents have made it into the Guinness World Records! This is an incredible accomplishment and we could not be more proud to celebrate these milestones with both Forest and Rhino,”  Terri said. 

Rhino can been seen enjoying his old age at Australia Zoo where he is often caught basking in the sun or snacking on his favorite treats such as bananas and hibiscus flowers.

rhinoceros iguana australia zoo

A young Robert Irwin with Rhino, the rhinoceros iguana

Photo Credit: Australia Zoo

Learn more about Rhinoceros Iguanas here – Rhinoceros Iguana | The Animal Facts

Learn more about Australia Zoo on their website – Australia Zoo


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