A royal chimpanzee born at Kansas City Zoo

A baby chimpanzee has been born at the Kansas City Zoo. The baby is the first ever for mum Teoni who is 18. Her baby is a healthy little boy who was born on Thursday October 16. Teeoni has been supported by her twin sister Teetoo and her mother Rachel. Currently zoo staff are unaware of who the father is.


An anonymous donor has stepped forward giving money in exchange for naming the little chimp Royal George.

The first look at Teeoni and her son will be given on October 20 when keepers will feed the chimps. 13 other chimpanzees live in the zoo’s troop. They can only been seen though when temperatures go above 65 degrees.


While pregnant veterinarians and zoo keepers kept a close watch on Teeoni. She was pregnant for over 220 days during which she co-operated with ultrasounds, check-ups and urine testing. Staff will continue to keep a watchful eye on the pair.

Photo Credits: Kansas City Zoo

By Cale Russell

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