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Safari Park Continue White Rhino Breeding Success

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: August 30, 2021 1:30 pm

Southern White Rhinoceros Calf San Diego Zoo Safari Park

A southern white rhinoceros calf born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on August 22nd is cared for by mother Kianga.

Photo Credit: San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has celebrated the birth of their 104th southern white rhinoceros calf as part of a successful breeding program for the species. First time mother Kianga gave birth to the calf in the early hours of August 22nd.

On August 27th the calf was given her first access to the African savanna habitat with 60 acres of land to explore. The calf was also able to meet the Cape Buffalo with which they share their habitat.

Keepers say the calf is currently healthy and feeding well. Kianga has taken to motherhood well and is very attentive with her youngster.

“We are delighted to welcome this calf to the Safari Park’s crash of southern white rhinos,” said Lisa Peterson, executive director, San Diego Zoo Safari Park. “Babies are always delightful

—cute and fun to watch grow—but more importantly, they serve as ambassadors for their species. Seeing a rhino up close allows our guests to connect with them, with the hope they

gain a greater appreciation for them, and the vitally important need to conserve and protect rhinos and their native habitats.”

— AD —

At birth the calf had an estimated weight of 57kg (125lbs) and each month it will gain 45kg (100lbs) to achieve an adult weight by 3 years old of between 1814-2268kg (4,000 and 5,000lbs).

Currently it is believed that there is 18,000 southern white rhinoceros remaining in Africa. The International Union for Conservation of Nature list them as vulnerable on their Red List of Threatened Species.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park work with zoos across North America to breed and maintain a healthy population of southern white rhinoceros. They also support work to preserve them in their natural habitats.

Learn more about southern white rhinoceros here – Southern white rhinoceros Fact File | The Animal Facts

Learn more about the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on their website – San Diego Zoo Safari Park

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