San Diego Zoo launches live penguin cam

African Penguin

Can’t wait for a trip to the zoo to see some penguins. The San Diego Zoo has a solution for you with their recently launched penguin cam.

Two of the zoo’s most recent additions African penguins, Dan and McKinney are featuring in the recently launched cam.

Currently the penguin pair are housed in the Children’s Zoo while their new habitat, Penguin beach is built as part of the zoo’s Conrad Preby’s Africa rocks development. The new habitat which is set to open during 2017 will feature a sandy beach nestled among towering boulders. A 60,000 gallon penguin pool will provide underwater views of the penguins.

African penguin

30 next boxes will be provided in the hope that the penguins will add to declining numbers of their species. This is one of the most endangered penguin species with numbers decreasing by more than 60% from 2001 to 2009.

The habitat will be capable of housing up to 50 African penguins.

Building the penguin enclosure was possible due to a $5 million gift from Dan and Vi McKinney a pair of local philanthropists. Another 1,550 people also contributed to help create Penguin Beach.

Check it out here – Penguin Cam | San Diego Zoo

Photo Credit: San Diego Zoo

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