Sea Turtles Return to the Wild After Rehabilitation

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Date: June 3, 2021 4:20 pm

Sea Turtles Australia Zoo

One of the loggerhead sea turtles during its time in care

Photo Credit: Kate Berry / Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo and SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium have worked together to return two sea turtles to the wild after a successful period of rehabilitation.

Named Chompa and Terrence the pair of loggerhead sea turtles were escorted out to a feeder current for the East Australian Current by Brisbane Marine Pilots, Wildlife Warrior Chandler Powell and representatives from the aquarium.

Sea Turtles Australia Zoo

Chandler Powell holds the two loggerhead sea turtles before their return to the wild

Photo Credit: Kate Berry / Australia Zoo

“Chompa and Terrance are both loggerhead turtles, which are a vulnerable species, likely to become endangered in the foreseeable future. They can grow up to 170 kilograms in weight!” said Dr. Ludovica Valenza, Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Supervisor.


“The greatest threat to loggerhead turtles is the loss of nesting habitat due to coastal development and human disturbances. Other threats also include entrapment in fishing line and the ingestion of plastics,” Dr. Ludovica said.

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Chompa was found on the beach while Terrance was struggling to swim in waves after a storm. Upon arrival at the hospital neither had any major injuries.

They were sent to the SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast in April to gain weight and strength before their release.

“After showing signs of weakness initially, Terrence has gone from strength to strength in our Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. Chompa’s health required more attention – the little loggerhead needed help feeding and required supplements but has since grown into a happy and healthy hatchling, ready to venture back into the ocean,” said Brittany Attwood, Veterinary Nurse at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast.

Sea Turtles Australia Zoo

The two loggerhead sea turtles are held prior to their release

Photo Credit: Kate Berry / Australia Zoo

“Chompa and Terrance were looking absolutely healthy and were ready to take over life in their natural habitat. This was a highly successful release and I am so proud of our joint efforts in rehabilitating both hatchlings and preparing them for life in the wild,” said Chandler Powell.

Australia Zoo have treated over 100,000 animals since opening their Wildlife Hospital in 2004.

SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast have been involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of sea turtles since 1989.

Sea Turtles Australia Zoo

Staff from the Sea Life Sunshine Coast Aquarium and Australia Zoo help to release the two sea turtles

Photo Credit: Kate Berry / Australia Zoo

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