Serval kitten weighs in at San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is now home to an African serval kitten. The little cat was born on October 7 to first time mother Onshe. The pair of them are on exhibit in the zoo’s Kopje area.

Animal care staff at the zoo have been taking their time out to weigh the kitten regularly. At this week’s weigh in she was 3 pounds (1.3kg). For him to be weighed keepers separate him for a short time. He is then placed into a box and put onto a scale which weighs him.


Lisa Martin, the animal care supervisor at the San Diego Zoo said, “The activity that we did this morning, getting a body weight on the kitten, is important for us to not only collect information for the future but also to get an idea of how the kitten is growing and his status as he gets bigger.”

Visitors to the zoo can see mom and bub on exhibit in the Kopje area of the zoo. The father was moved to a separate area in the zoo soon after the birth to mimic the conditions of the wild. This allows the kitten and Onshe to bond properly.

Already the kitten is getting adventurous as he climbs around the habitat exploring everything. He gets into everything from the rock outcroppings to the trees and various plants. At the current time the cat gets all of his nutrition from his mother’s milk. He is beginning to explore some of the meat that will form his diet into the future though.

African servals hail from Africa in the area south of the Sahara desert. They live near waterways throughout forests and savannahs. This birth provides a ray of hope for this species that is coming under threat from habitat loss, climate change and hunting for fur.

Photo Credit: Ken Bohn/ San Diego Zoo

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