Serval siblings play at the San Diego Zoo


A pair of African serval kittens born at the San Diego Zoo has been spotted pouncing, digging, hunting and sleeping since their birth on May 13.

The adventurous young kittens are the offspring of Onshe who leads their daily adventures. Currently she is nursing them but also working on introducing them to solid food.


On July 17th the kittens received special enrichment such as new mulch piles, painted, carved gourds covered with food seasonings, pinecones filled with paper and shed snake skin. The enrichment was provided by precipitants in the Zoo’s “Epic Teen” summer camp.

Visitors to the zoo can tell the male and female siblings apart due to a pink spot on the female’s nose which is different to the female’s solid black one. They are now regularly visible as the venture to the tops of their enclosure while the jump and climb.

Photo credits: San Diego Zoo/ Ken Bohm

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