Shingleback lizard babies are an Easter surprise at Perth Zoo

Shingleback lizard babiesReptile keepers at Perth Zoo got a surprise over Easter . They discovered two shingleback lizard babies in the zoo’s shingleback enclosure.

The pairs mother was discovered by customs late last year at Perth airport. A smuggler was attempting to take them to Asia where they can fetch prices up to $4,000 each.

The mother is one of seven shingleback skinks confiscated who were given a home by Perth Zoo after they were discovered.

It was an unexpected birth explained Emily Trainer a reptile keeper at Perth Zoo, ‘The mum has been in an enclosure with another female since January and there was nothing to show she was pregnant so it was a big surprise’

Little weight gain was seen added Trainer ‘She’s put on a little weight but not a lot — and shingleback babies are born quite large so it was a shock.’

They were discovered lying in leaf littler in their enclosure on Wednesday morning.

At first one remained hidden, explained Trainer ‘I know they usually have two babies so I looked around further and I found the other one’

Even though it was unplanned she explained that ‘They were both in good health so it was a great result.’

Since exiting quarantine the group have been housed in single sex enclosures so keepers believe she got pregnant while she was in quarantine.

The smuggler did not get the big score he hoped for instead receiving a $2,000 fine and 12 months in jail. He was caught by customs, border protection and WA parks and wildlife in a joint operation.

Photo credit: Perth Zoo

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