Sloth Bear and Seal babies Named at Smithsonian National Zoo

Sloth Bear and Seal babies born recently at the Smithsonian National Zoo have been give names.

The little sloth bear Born 29 December 2013, is one of the luckiest around.

After her mother ate her 2 siblings Carnivores are known to eat their cubs especially if they are in some way unhealthy or were stillborn. The first cub was eaten in minutes.

7 days later mum ate another cub who up until that point she had been attentive to. After she spent several hours away from the third cub keepers chose to remove her for hand rearing.

sloth bear and sealbabies
Since then the bear has spent 24 hours with keepers who provide round the clock care.

Her name has now been chosen by her keepers. This little girl is now known as Remi.

Her name comes from REM (rapid eye movement). This is a stage of sleep. Keepers chose the name due to the way Remi slept with her eyes slightly open back when she was young.

That’s not the zoo’s only baby though, Rona the gray seal pup has also just got her name.

Born on January 21, Rona was named for an island off the coast of Scotland. The place has seals abound, but only one human resident.



The Smithsonian National Zoo reports that both the Sloth Bear and Seal babies will be on display soon.

Photo Credit-Bear: Smithsonian National Zoo/ Connor Mallon
Photo Credit-Seal: Smithsonian National Zoo/ Connor Mallon

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