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South Australian Zoo Animals Cool Off During the Heat

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: November 22, 2020 11:43 pm

south australian zoo animals cool down

The long-nosed potoroo family cool off with an icy treat

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

Keepers at Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park in South Australia have spent their short lockdown period cooling off the animals. For the last few days only essential keeping staff have been on site as South Australia entered a circuit breaker lockdown.

Adelaide hit a maximum temperature of 38oC yesterday on Saturday the 21st. Tomorrow the animals will welcome back guests with much more reasonable temperatures of 24oC forecast.

south australian zoo animals cool down
south australian zoo animals cool down

Left: A kangaroo eats some grevillea. Right: A pair of echidnas enjoy their icy treat.

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

To help animals through the warmth keepers provided enrichment from ice blocks, chilled pumpkin and iced grevillea flowers as well as a refreshing shower for Aonika the Aldabra tortoise and a seriously slurpy slice of watermelon for Jakarta the Binturong.

Meanwhile at the native animal area the kangaroos, koalas, long-nosed potoroos and short-beaked echidnas all enjoyed frozen treats.

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At Monarto Safari Park the animals didn’t miss out. The meerkat mob received a very ‘ice’ treat of an ice block filled with yummy vegetables, Rita the African Crested Porcupine nibbled away on sweet potato and corn ice blocks and the chimpanzee troop, which includes youngsters Hope and Zola, enjoyed juicy mangoes and water play.

“While our visitors were away, our animals continued to get star treatment from their essential-worker keepers. Even more so as it was so warm,” said Elaine Bensted, Chief Executive of Zoos SA.

Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park will reopen to visitors today, November 23rd after South Australia’s four day circuit breaker lockdown.

south australian zoo animals cool down

A long-nosed potoroo cools off with an icy treat

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

Learn more about Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park on their website – Zoos SA

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