Squirrel Monkey infant born at London Zoo

squirrel monkeyLondon Zoo is celebrating the birth of a black capped squirrel monkey. It has recently been spotted clinging to mums back in the summer heat.

This tiny South American primate is currently just 3 inches tall. It inhabits the zoos meet the moneys enclosure where guests can get up close to the monkeys without any barriers.

Keeper, Andera Dempsey explained the zoo’s natural enclosure, ‘Squirrel monkeys live in large troops, which we’ve replicated here at ZSL London Zoo and including our new arrival, we’ve now got a group of 20 who are all enjoying fussing over the baby.’

Eubie ,a new male squirrel monkey arrived as part of European Breeding Program aiming to save the species and it has certainly worked. With 2 more babies due any time from now on he certainly has been welcomed into the group.

Dempsey spoke about the mother’s pregnancy, ‘Squirrel monkeys have an approximate gestation period of five to six months, and we’d been closely monitoring mum throughout her pregnancy – we knew she was due to give birth as her bump was huge!

squirrel monkeyThe baby is currently three weeks old. He was born during the night with keepers discovering him during their rounds. They still can’t tell his sex though.

“The tiny infant hasn’t yet left the comfort of mum’s back for us to be able to tell if it’s a boy or girl, but we can see that it’s doing really well and we’ve spotted both of them snoozing together in the sunshine!” Said Andrea.

Most at home in the wilds of Bolivia, Peru and Brazil this squirrel monkey is a welcome arrival. It is good news for this vulnerable species. These animals are taken by people for the pet trade and for people to eat. One day it will be able to help the species by participating in the zoological breeding program.

Photo Credits: ZSL London Zoo


By Cale Russell

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