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Squirrel Monkey Passes at Reid Park Zoo


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July 18, 2023 4:35 pm


Reid Park Zoo, Arizona, The United States

Reid Park Zoo have announced the passing of squirrel monkey Dazzle following pregnancy complications.

“The entire team is deeply saddened by this loss,” said Adam Ramsey, Reid Park Zoo’s Animal Care Manager. “I want to take a moment to thank the keepers for their diligent work caring for Dazzle during her pregnancy and preparing for her to give birth, and to the veterinary team for their tremendous efforts to see her through labor.”

Keepers had been undertaking a 24 hour watch over Dazzle as she progressed through her pregnancy. Overnight on Monday she went in to labour. While she initially seemed to progress normally it soon became apparent that her labour was not progressing and signs of distress were present.

Consulting with experts from the Squirrel Monkey Species Survival Plan it was decided emergency care was needed. Zoo vets performed an ultrasound but not could not detect a heartbeat from the infant. An emergency cesarean was then carried out but the baby was not able to be successfully revived.

Dazzle's surgery was concluded successfully but despite intensive medical attention the severity of her condition prevented her from recovering. Dazzle passed away on Tuesday. A necropsy (animal autopsy) will be conducted to gather information on why Dazzle and the baby passed away.

“Dazzle was among the smallest in size of all the animals at the Zoo, but she will forever occupy a huge place in the hearts of all who knew her,” said Nancy Kluge, Reid Park Zoo President & CEO. “Dazzle was a strong and charismatic monkey who will be dearly missed by staff, volunteers, and Zoo guests alike.”

She leaves behind Parker, the last squirrel monkey at Reid park Zoo. As a social species the squirrel monkey species survival plan has made identifying companions for Parker as its top priority. Until this occurs his care team will dedicate additional resources to meeting his social and welfare needs.

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