Taronga Western Plains Zoo Welcome Meerkat Pups


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March 28, 2023 12:40 pm


Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo, Australia

Guests visiting Taronga Western Plains Zoo this Easter will have four new faces to meet with the birth of four meerkat pups to the colony housed at the zoo's waterhole precinct. Mother Midra and dad Howell welcomed their new arrivals on March 4th and at three weeks old they are now weighing in around 110g.

“We’re really excited to welcome three baby girls and one little boy to our Meerkat family here at the Waterhole,” Senior Keeper Karen James said.

“They don’t have names yet but they are starting to show their little personalities, with the little boy a lot bolder than his sisters to go out and explore their habitat.

“They are still quite small so mum, dad and their older siblings are still very protective, but it won’t be long before the pups can be seen out doing all the things Meerkats do – digging, foraging for food and of course sentry duty!”

Guests will find their best chance to meet the new arrivals is at the meerkat keeper talk held daily at 12.45pm.

Easter will also mark the first time guests can enter the Lion Pride Lands to meet cubs Amali, Imani and Mara. Inside a specially constructed lion-proof tour bus you will get prime views of the family. This experience is offered to a limited number of people each day and bookings are required.

“Guests will be in prime position to see the cubs playing, exploring, sleeping and learning from mum and dad. Marion and Lwazi are terrific first-time parents, very patient with their cubs which is adorable to see.”

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Image: © Taronga Western Plains Zoo

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