Taronga Zoo Otters Enjoy Fishicle Fridays Treat

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Date: September 4, 2020 2:20 am

oriental short clawed otter

File photo of a group of otters

Photo Credit: The Animal Facts

The short clawed otter family at Taronga Zoo have celebrated fishicle Friday’s and the footage is adorable.

Keepers prepared the exhibit with special treats such as frozen ice-blocks filled with whitebait (small fish) and fresh leaf litter for preparing their nests.

The five otters seemed to delight in exploring all the treats on offer.

This activity was part of the enrichment program for the otters. Enrichment is activities which allow the animals to demonstrate their natural behaviors be these for feeding or play.

At Taronga Zoo the otters have a 30 day enrichment cycle which includes the fishicles.

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Learn more about Taronga Zoo on their website – Taronga Zoo

The otters enjoy their enrichment treats

Video Credit: Provided by Taronga Zoo

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