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Taronga Zoo Provide a Cub-Date on Baby Lions

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: November 25, 2021 10:16 pm

Lion Cubs Taronga Zoo

One of the five African lion cubs at Taronga Zoo Sydney during their debut in their habitat

Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo Sydney have provided a cub-date on their African lion cubs as they reach 100 days old. The five cubs were born in August to parents Maya and Ato. There are two males and three females known as Khari, Luzuko, Zuri, Ayanna and Malika.

As the cubs continue their growth they are hitting all of their important growth milestones. These include beginning to consume a more meat based diet, though they do still enjoy a suckle from mom, and learning to play and climb. Malika is the one who currently suckles the most from mom.

All five cubs are now almost five times their birth weight with the two boys being larger than the girls.

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Each of the cubs have developed their own personality and are showing more confidence each day.

Recently the pair have been challenging their skills by trying to climb the trees found in their habitat. As they become more active guests at Taronga have more chances to see them with the best time currently being from 10am till 2pm.

Learn more about African Lions here – African Lion Fact File | The Animal Facts

Learn more about Taronga Zoo Sydney on their website – Taronga Zoo Sydney

The lion cubs play in this video released by Taronga Zoo Sydney

Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo Sydney

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