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Date: March 10, 2022 3:56 pm

Red Panda Cub Taronga Zoo Sydney

A red panda cub sits in a box at Taronga Zoo Sydney

Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo Sydney have introduced a pair of red panda cubs born three months ago at the Sydney Harbour attraction. They are seen during one of their regular weigh ins and feeding sessions with keepers from the zoo.

Both cubs are female and were born to parents Amala and Pabu. At present the pair weigh in at 1kg (2.2lbs).

Until recently the red panda cubs have been in a den with their parents. In recent times the cubs have been seen taking their first steps outside of the den.

Red Panda Cub Taronga Zoo Sydney

A keeper bottle cares for a red panda cub at Taronga Zoo Sydney

Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo Sydney

Carnivore Keeper Caitlin Gilchrist said: “Through monitoring of our CCTV cameras, we have come across a few moments where we have witnessed the cubs exploring and investigating outside of their nest box. However, in comparison to previous litters, these two cubs have been spending a bit more time within the comfort of their nest box. This is more than likely due to the wet weather Sydney has been experiencing over the past few weeks.


“As the cubs have been spending a substantial amount of time within their nest box, we have been able to monitor their growth from afar and even witness some incredible play behaviour which we wouldn’t normally see,” said Gilchrist.

As they explore outside they are beginning to show off their climbing skills ready for a life that will be mostly spent in the trees. They have also started showing off their vocalization which is mostly a twittering sound.

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Every second day the cubs are weighed by keepers and given a bottle of milk. These interactions are allowing keepers to develop a strong bond with the cubs.

“Because mum Amala is an older mum at nine years of age, we have been lending a helping hand with offering the cubs regular feeds, this is just to ensure they are gaining weight at an appropriate rate. Through these regular encounters, we have been able to observe some incredible natural behaviours like climbing, and we have also witnessed the cubs vocalising as well, this is known as twittering” said Gilchrist.

Fans of the red panda cubs are able to keep up with them thanks to the  Red Panda Cam, which is proudly supported by Disney and Pixar’s “Turning Red." The camera allows a glimpse of the cubs in their nest.

Watch Red Panda Cam here - Red Panda Cub Cam | Taronga Zoo Sydney

They are yet to be named but keepers are currently working on this.

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Learn more about Taronga Zoo Sydney on their website – Taronga Zoo Sydney

Red Panda Cub Taronga Zoo Sydney

A keeper bottle feeds a red panda cub at Taronga Zoo Sydney

Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo Sydney

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