Taronga Zoo’s Giraffe Calf Explores His New Home

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Date: August 26, 2020 11:30 pm

taronga zoo giraffe calf

Ebo rests in the enclosure

Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo in Sydney Australia has shared vision of their giraffe calf as he explores his new home. Ebo who is 8 months old moved to the zoo with his mother Kito during June to live in the new African savannah exhibit.

Ebo was initially shy as he settled in to the waterhole exhibit. The habitat is one of the most iconic at Taronga Zoo with views across Sydney Harbor to the opera house and harbor bridge in the background of the enclosure.

Video of Ebo as he settles in to his enclosure.

Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo Sydney

The exhibit re-opened in June following an extensive renovation. Ebo lives there with his mother Kito, another female named Zarafa, male Jimiyu and two zebras.

Since his arrival Ebo has selected a favorite spot among a patch of brambles.

taronga zoo giraffe calf

Ebo in the new giraffe barn

Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo Sydney

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Ebo is the first giraffe calf to be seen at Taronga Zoo in 20 years.

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