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Tasmanian Devil Sisters Reunited After Wild Return

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: February 18, 2021 7:55 pm

tasmanian devil sisters aussie ark

One of the Tasmanian devil sisters after her return to the wild

Photo Credit: Aussie Ark

A pair of Tasmanian devil sisters which were released back to the wild in the Barrington Tops of New South Wales have reunited. The sisters known as Bonny and Bitsy had been living separately for two years before their release in to the wild.

For the first 10 months of their life the duo shared a pouch where they snuggled together. After this they were weaned and placed in separate creche yards.

Two years later in September 2020 Aussie Ark was looking to release 26 Tasmanian devils back in to the wild of the Barrington Tops in New South Wales. The sisters were selected due to their behavior and genetics.

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Upon their release both were fitted with tail transmitters which help to track their movements and monitor their wellbeing. The pair have been tracked together and have also been caught on camera trap footage bullying a large male.

Keepers are hoping that in the near future the pair will find love with a male as breeding season approaches.

Tasmanian Devils are an important part of the ecosystem. They work like garbage cleaners in the bush cleaning up dead carcasses which helps to reduce rates of disease.

tasmanian devil sisters aussie ark

The Tasmanian devil sisters at their den which they share

Photo Credit: Aussie Ark

Hayley Shute, Manager of Life Sciences at Aussie Ark, says “The Aussie Ark team has worked hard for this release to occur and it is an important release not only for Tasmanian devils but for the entire ecosystem. Our ability to witness such relationships and behaviour is pioneering and we feel privileged that we have been able to do so” 

Ms Shute continues “The release program, so far, has been a smashing success. We have been able to monitor so many different behaviours and movement patterns. We are looking forward to the upcoming breeding season and have high hopes for the birth of the first wild Tasmanian devil joeys on Mainland Australia” 

tasmanian devil sisters aussie ark

One of the Tasmanian devil sisters after her return to the wild

Photo Credit: Aussie Ark

Learn more about the Tasmanian Devil here – Tasmanian Devil Fact File | The Animal Facts

Learn more about Aussie Ark on their website – Aussie Ark


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