The Animal Facts Monthly Wrap-Up:

July 2020

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: August 2, 2020 4:05 pm

The Animal Facts monthly wrap-up is a new feature where at the end of each month we look at the most popular items across our website and social media.

We take a look at the top 3 #zoobabies we have covered in our news articles this month, our most popular animals on the website and the most popular posts on our socials.

Most Viewed Animal This Month

The rainbow stag beetle fact file is the most viewed animal this month.

They are one of Australia’s most spectacular looking beetles.

Most Popular Social Posts

We have an active social media presence. These are the posts with the most likes or views across them this month. Click the social icon to visit our pages and follow us.

Small Clawed Otter Pup

This small clawed otter pup melted hearts over on FB this month.



Small Clawed Otter Pup

You can’t beat an otter pup. They were also the most popular on instagram.



This beautiful photo of a monarch butterfly was the most viewed on pinterest.



The Top 3 #zoobabies

These are our favorite baby animals which we have met from the world’s zoos this month in our news sections. If you missed them you can catch up by clicking the button.

#1 – Lion Cubs at Monarto Safari Park

Photo Credit: The Animal Facts

While we covered these cubs when they were first introduced to the public in June during July we were able to go visit them ourselves and capture some great pictures. These have been incredibly popular across all our social channels and its easy to see why when they’re so cute.

#2 – Chester Zoo Introduces Un-bear-ably Cute Andean Bear Cubs

andean bear cubs chester
andean bear cubs chester
andean bear cubs chester

Photo Credit: Chester Zoo

For the first time in the United Kingdom Chester Zoo welcomed baby Andean bear cubs. These adorable cubs were named Mateo and Pacha.

#3 – Monarto Safari Park Welcomes Baby Southern White Rhino

baby rhino monarto

Photo Credit: Zoos SA/ Geoff Brooks

Monarto Safari Park welcomed a baby southern white rhino and we covered him three times during July. To start with we took a look at the lead up to the birth, then we introduced you to her when she was born and finally Monarto Safari Park shared an adorable video of her with the zoomies.

Most Popular Animal this Week

Credit: Under License

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Snow Leopards Celebrate First Birthday at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park
Snow Leopards Celebrate First Birthday at Highland Wildlife Park
Northern Bettong Release by Australian Wildlife Conservancy
Third Population to Help Avert Extinction of the Northern Bettong

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