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The Animal Facts Monthly Wrap-Up:

October 2020

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: November 1, 2020 10:30 pm

The Animal Facts monthly wrap-up is a new feature where at the end of each month we look at the most popular items across our website and social media.

We take a look at the top 3 news articles we have covered this month, our most popular animals on the website and the most popular posts on our socials.

Most Viewed Animal This Month

The scarlet ibis fact file is the most viewed animal this month.

These birds develop their pink coloration from the food which they eat.

Most Popular Social Posts

We have an active social media presence. These are the posts with the most likes or views across them this month. Click the social icon to visit our pages and follow us.

Dingo Puppies

A pair of dingo puppies were popular on facebook this month.



Echidna Puggle

echidna australia zoo

This echidna puggle (baby) being cared for at Australia Zoo was popular on insta.



Brazilian Tapir


The Brazilian Tapir was popular on twitter during October.



The Top 3 News Stories

These are our favorite news stories which we have covered at the world's zoos this month in our news sections. If you missed them you can catch up by clicking the button.

#1 – Hugo the Tortoise Celebrates Turning 70 at Australian Reptile Park

hugo tortoise birthday party
hugo tortoise birthday party

Photo Credit: The Australian Reptile Park

Hugo the Galapagos giant tortoise celebrated turning 70 this month at the Australian Reptile Park. He enjoyed a cake and a scratch from his keepers. At 70 Hugo is currently considered middle aged with many more birthday's ahead for him.

#2 – Taronga Zoo Sydney Celebrates Birth of 'Miracle' Chimp Infant

Chimpanzee Taronga Zoo
Chimpanzee Taronga Zoo

Photo Credit: Rick Stevens/ Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo welcomed an infant chimpanzee to mother, Naomi. This event was described as a 'miracle' by two keepers after Naomis last two pregnancies were unsuccessful.

#3 – Taronga Zoo Sydney Rescues Echidna After 4m Drop

taronga zoo echidna
taronga zoo echidna

Photo Credit: Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo Sydney has rescued a baby echidna (known as a puggle) after it was dropped 4m out of a tree after a bird of prey attempted to eat it. It is now being hand-raised by keepers at the zoo.

Most Popular Animal this Week

Credit: Under License

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Baby Animals at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Baby Animals Ready to Greet Colombus Zoo Guests 

Red-Necked Wallaby Joey Marwell Zoo

Red-Necked Wallaby Joeys Pop Out the Pouch at Marwell Zoo 

African Lion Cubs Monarto Safari Park

Monarto Safari Park Lion Cubs Roar on to Exhibit 

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