Three Amur Tiger Cubs Born at Highland Wildlife Park

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Date: May 27, 2021 2:40 am

AThree Amur Tiger Cubs Born at Highland Wildlife Park

Mother Dominika with her three cubs at the Highland Wildlife Park

Photo Credit: RZSS

Highland Wildlife Park have welcomed three endangered Amur tiger cubs to mother Dominika and father Botzman.

The cubs are currently being cared for in an off-display area by their mother following their birth on Tuesday May 18th 2021.

Vickie Larkin, carnivore team leader at Highland Wildlife Park said, “We are really excited about our new arrivals but the first few weeks of a cub’s life are crucial, so we are keeping public viewing closed for now to give Dominika and the youngsters lots of peace and quiet.”

“Dominika is a very attentive mother and it is beautiful to see her given the chance to display these natural behaviours again.”

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The cubs eyes are expected to open any day now. In coming weeks they will undergo a weigh-in and be sexed. Amur tigers will grow quickly with their size increasing four times against their birth weight within the first month. Mother Dominika will care for the cubs for 15 months.

Dominika is an experienced mother having previously welcomed cubs in 2013.

Highland Wildlife Park also offer support for tigers in the wild such as helping to evaluate tiger diets within the RZSS WildGenes laboratory based at Edinburgh Zoo.

Vickie continued, “There are just 500 Amur tigers remaining in the wild, so our adorable cubs represent an important contribution to the future of this endangered species which is at risk of extinction due to extensive habitat loss and poaching.”

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Learn more about the Highland Wildlife Park on their website – Highland Wildlife Park

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