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Tiger Cubs Ace Health Check at Adelaide Zoo


The Animal Facts Editorial Team


March 16, 2023 6:45 pm


Adelaide Zoo, South Australia, Australia

Adelaide Zoo have completed health checks on their two and a half month old Sumatran tiger cubs providing an opportunity to check in on the development of the cubs. The cubs have been bonding in a private den with mother Delilah since their birth on December 21 last year.

During the check keepers and vets provided them a clean bill of health following a thorough inspection of their paws, claws and tiny roars. They also used this opportunity to microchip, vaccinate and weigh the cubs.

The male cub tipped the scales at 8.7kg, while his sisters weighed in at 7.5kg and 7.6kg respectively.

Senior Keeper of Carnivores, Arliah Hayward, said Delilah and Kembali's cublings love playing together and jumping on their mum.


“The team were really happy with their health check and we can’t wait for them to be out and about to meet our visitors.


“They also just recently saw their dad Kembali for the first time from a distance, so it will be amazing for them to get closer and get to know him.


As they are growing they are starting to show off individual personalities. Arliah explained, "They are growing up quickly and are definitely developing their own little personalities. The little boy loves following Delilah around and playing with her. He is the most vocal of the trio and loves his minced meat! His sisters are opposites; one is quieter while the other is very independent and confident!”

In coming weeks Adelaide Zoo will be launching a public contest to name the cubs and most excitingly announcing when they will be ready to make their public debut.

Less than 400 Sumatran tigers remain in the wild making each birth special to their survival. Poaching for the illegal wildlife trade and destruction of their rainforest home for the unsustainable production of palm oil have driven their decline. Zoos SA are using the birth of these cubs to bring awareness to Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

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