Tiger cubs take their first steps from the den

Tiger cubs

Three baby Amur tigers took their first tentative steps into the daylight at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in the United Kingdom yesterday. Following their short outdoor adventure they journeyed back inside.

These endangered animals played under the watchful eye of four year old mum Tschuna during their first time on public display. Their father is six year old, Vlad. The parents meet last September with their cubs being born on March 29 2015.

Tiger cubs

Cheryl Williams, Director of Yorkshire Wildlife Park said, “It is wonderful to have three healthy cubs of this incredibly beautiful animal. Amur tiger cubs are very rare indeed so we are delighted they have been born here.”Tiger cubs

Only 450 Amur tigers remain in the wild. These tigers will form part of a breeding program that aims to stop them from disappearing from Russia’s Far East. Logging, poaching and habitat loss have led to their numbers dropping so low.

“They are a great success story for the European Breeding programme and our conservation work here in Yorkshire. It is fantastic news and the public will love them – they are very playful and full of life,” added Williams.

“We are committed to saving species that are under desperate threats,” added Ms Williams. “It is such a joy to see the new Amurs and know that another crucial step has been made to save them.”

Tiger cubs

If you would like to help save Amur tigers in the wild why not support the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation – Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation

Photo Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

By Cale Russell

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