Tree-ats for Dudley Zoo animals

The animals of Dudley Zoo have been enjoying tree branches that were recently cut down from around the 11th century Dudley Castle which sits in the heart of the zoo.


The barabary sheep were first in line to try the treats but other animals such as capybara, reindeer, tapirs, wallabies, kangaroos, giraffe and mara stepped up to enjoy the tree-ats.

Trees such as hawthorn, elm and ash were cut down from around the castle by the development team members to make sure it looks nice for Easter.


Team Leader of Ungulates, Jay Haywood said, “The native trees have been cut back from around the castle to tidy up the area and to make sure the view of the castle is not obstructed.”


They were then used as enrichment for several species from around the park, “The branches will provide additional food and enrichment for several animals including the Barbary sheep,” he explained.

“The sheep will strip the bark off the branches and this will give them extra nutrients in addition to their unusual food.”


Branches weren’t the only treats for one special little wallaby known as Arthur though. He celebrated his 3rd birthday on the 1st of March and keepers provided him with chopped bananas.

Photo Credits: Dudley Zoo

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