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Tulsa Zoo Announce Birth of Giraffe Calf


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July 28, 2023 6:07 pm


Tulsa, Oklahoma, The United States

Tulsa Zoo are celebrating the birth of a giraffe calf to first time mother Zoe. The calf was delivered safely on the afternoon of July 26th 2023. Father Hekaya and Zoe were paired through the Association of Zoos & Aquariums Giraffe Species Survival Plan®.

“Both mother and calf are doing well and being closely monitored by our animal care and veterinary staff,” said Tulsa Zoo Zoological Curator of Mammals Jordan Piha. “We’re watching for some important early milestones, but so far the calf appears healthy and strong.”

Keepers were excited when just 30 minutes after birth the calf passed its first important milestone, standing. Soon it was latching to Zoe and suckling well, another exciting development for its health.

“We have also been watching the calf’s interactions closely with both her mother and the herd,” said Piha. “Zoe is a very attentive first-time mother, who instinctively began tending to her calf. The herd has also shown a great amount of curiosity toward the calf as it started exploring the reserve yard.”

Guests visiting the zoo may be able to meet the new arrival with Zoe in the reserve yard and the Osage Casino and Hotel Giraffe Barn.

Tulsa Zoo Celebrate Birth of Giraffe Calf

Members of the giraffe herd at Tulsa Zoo meet the new addition to the family. The calf was born on July 26 to first time mother Zoe at the Oklahoma attraction. Image: © Tulsa Zoo

Tulsa Zoo Celebrate Birth of Giraffe Calf

Mother Zoe is seen interacting with her first calf within the Osage Casino and Hotel Giraffe Barn at the Tulsa Zoo in Oklahoma. The calf was born on July 26 2023. Image: © Tulsa Zoo

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Image: © Tulsa Zoo

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