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Twycross Zoo Perform Yearly Count of their Animals

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: January 8, 2021 9:30 pm

twycross stocktake

A keeper counts an Amur leopard at Twycross Zoo

Photo Credit: Twycross Zoo

As the new year begins Twycross Zoo in the United Kingdom have completed their yearly headcount of all their animals. This is one of the important tasks which is continuing at the zoo as it closes due to the third lockdown.

Twycross Zoo are starting the year with 575 residents. Staff worked hard to total up the figure counting all animals at the zoo.

twycross stocktake

One of the strangest animals counted is a colony of leaf cutter ants which live in the toilets

Photo Credit: Lucy Ray

During 2020 the numbers increased both with animals such as Sudan, the eastern black rhino who came to the zoo as part of the European breeding programme. Another 22 baby animals increased the numbers including a Kirk’s dik-dik, diana monkey and a dusky leaf monkey.

Another exciting effort undertaken by the Twycross Zoo team in 2020 was the first ever gorilla return in Cameroon. This was achieved in partnership with the charity Ape Action Africa (AAA).

twycross stocktake

One of the latest animals added to the count is this baby dusky leaf monkey

Photo Credit: Twycross Zoo

Neil Dorman, Curator of Twycross Zoo, said: “Whilst we look back on 2020 as being the most challenging year in our history, it’s also important to reflect on all the positives and everything we did achieve for conservation.

— AD —

“Our 2021 stocktake is evidence of the tremendous work put in by all our staff. In a year which we had to close for almost three months, we managed to welcome new animals and also celebrate over 20 new zoo births, which is a great achievement for conservation and for these species, many of which are endangered.”

twycross stocktake

Another new addition to the count is Sudan the black rhino

Photo Credit: Twycross Zoo

Learn more about Twycross Zoo on their website – Twycross Zoo


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