Wild Life Sydney Zoo welcome their first koala joey of the season

Koala joey

The first koala joey to be born at Wild Life Sydney Zoo has been announced as a little boy. While this fluffy little bundle of joy was born on January 14, 2015 keepers have had to weight eight months for him to emerge from mum’s pouch.

Koala’s are marsupials which means that the young koala was born the size of a jellybean, with no hair and climbed up his mother to reach her pouch just after birth. There has grown for the past seve months tripling in size as he did.

Koala joey

Luckily first time parents Erica and Jack have embraced their role of parents and just a few days ago introduced their joey to the eucalyptus leaves which will be his exclusive diet for the rest of his life.

Photo Credit: Wild Life Sydney Zoo

By Cale Russell

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