Wildlife Warriors Celebrate Crocodile Research Milestone

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Date: August 21, 2020 10:20 pm

wildlife warriors crocodile research

Close-up of a saltwater crocoidle

Photo Credit: Wildlife Warriors. Provided

Wildlife Warriors has celebrated a milestone in their crocodilian research and conservation program managed in partnership with the University of Queensland and Australia Zoo.

On August 20th 2020 the team tagged and tracked their 200th crocodile in the Wenlock River. This crocodile has been named Stevie. The long-term study has been ongoing since 2008 on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve. This program began soon after the reserve was established to honor the late Steve Irwin.

wildlife warriors crocodile research

Bindi Irwin assists with the crocodile research

Photo Credit: Wildlife Warriors. Provided

“What better way to honour Steve’s legacy, than to conserve the animals he loved so dearly, and in one of his favourite places on the planet,” said Wildlife Warriors Founder, Dr Terri Irwin.

The research work continues today using the methods established by Steve Irwin when he established his research work in 1996. His techniques are used on every continent where crocodiles are present.

Their current research program is focused on capturing and tagging saltwater crocodiles living in the Wenlock River which runs through the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve. The reserve is located on Cape York in Far North Queensland.

wildlife warriors crocodile research

The crocodile is measured as part of the research

Photo Credit: Wildlife Warriors. Provided

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“These big beautiful females are vitally important to the population. Stevie is at the stage that she would be breeding and nesting, ensuring the future of saltwater crocodiles. We rarely catch female crocodiles this big, she is a special girl,” said Terri Irwin.

“Reaching 200 crocodiles is a huge milestone for science and crocodile conservation, and I know Steve would be so proud. The research that Steve began has provided insights into the travel range of crocodiles, their ability to return to their habitat after relocation, revolutionary findings on their ability to remain submerged, their behaviour during flood events, diets and feeding habits, as well as nesting behaviours and genetic relatedness studies,” finished Terri Irwin.

wildlife warriors crocodile research

The crocodile returns to the water after being captured and tagged

Photo Credit: Wildlife Warriors. Provided

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