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Woodland Park Zoo Announces Gorilla Pregnancy

Posted By : The Animal Facts Editorial Team

Date: October 4, 2020 1:59 am

gorilla woodland park zoo pregnancy

Nadiri with her first infant Yola

Photo Credit: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo has announced that gorilla Nadiri is eating for two. The experienced mother is expected to give birth in February or March 2021. Gorillas have an eight or nine month pregnancy similar to humans.

The infant will be a baby brother or sister for Yola the gorilla who will turn 5 this November. The father of this infant will be 20 year old Kwame. This is his first infant with Nadiri.

Nadiri and Kwame were paired under the Gorilla Species Survival Plan, which is a cooperative, conservation breeding program across zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums to help ensure a healthy, self-sustaining population of the species.

Nadiri became known globally after the birth of Yola who needed to be hand-reared. Nadiri was also hand-reared as an infant and did not have a strong maternal bond with her first infant.

Keepers stepped in to ensure the survival of Yola through round the clock care and established a bond between the pair through daily interaction. Eventually the maternal instinct kicked in and Yola and Nadiri could be reunited.

gorilla woodland park zoo pregnanc

Nadiri the gorilla is expecting

Photo Credit: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren/Woodland Park Zoo

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“We believe things will be different when Nadiri gives birth to her second infant,” said Martin Ramirez, mammal curator at Woodland Park Zoo. “Nadiri has gained valuable experience raising Yola. She has become more confident and has turned out to be an excellent mom to her firstborn.”

Despite this confidence the gorilla care team are currently preparing for any scenario.

This infant won’t be the only one in the troop. Female Uzumma gave birth to an infant in March known as Kitoko. A group of gorillas is made up of a dominant male known as the silverback along with several females and their offspring.

“Babies truly enhance the lives of gorilla groups and adding another baby to our gorilla family is wonderful news,” said Ramirez. “In no time at all, these babies will be playing with Yola and being mischievous tots together. Babies and juveniles living among adults presents a natural grouping and will be very enriching for the family. This will also be a dynamic experience for our visitors to learn about gorillas as they get a snapshot of how these majestic animals live in nature.”

Learn more about gorillas here – Gorilla Fact File | The Animal Facts

Learn more about Woodland Park Zoo on their website – Woodland Park Zoo

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