World’s only captive leopard seal put to sleep

Casey a male leopard seal at Taronga Zoo has been put to sleep after a battle with illness. Casey stopped eating earlier in the year and began to go off colour. Casey was eutanised on Friday as Taronga Zoo decided everything possible had been done to assist him.

Taronga Zoo said in their statement ‘Casey’s health and condition had been deterioratig over a lengthy period of time despite intensive veterinary treatment and care.’

Taronga Zoo also stated that ‘Although every effort was made by both Taronga’s Marine Mammal and veterinary teams, Casey’s health had shown no acceptable sign of improvement and staff made the heart-breaking decision to put Casey to sleep on Friday.’

Casey was the only leopard seal in capitivity in the world. He washed ashore on a beach in Sydney in 2007. Casey had been attacked by a cookie-cutter shark and was taken to Taronga Zoo for treatement. Antarctic rules dictate that animals rescued in Australia can not be returned to Antarctica. These animals may take back with them diseases which are not currently in Antarctica.

Casey was the only leopard seal in captivity anywhere in the world which meant that for Taronga Zoo ‘working with and learning from Casey was a unique opportunity for our Marine Mammal team. Casey also assisted with research by the Australian Marine Mammals Research Centre (AMMRC) to study Leopard Seals, helping the species into the future.’ they released in their statement.



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