Adelaide Zoo Animals Enjoy Easter Treats

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Date: April 17, 2022 4:18 pm

Easter Enrichment at Adelaide Zoo

A quokka joey explores an Easter themed enrichment item at Adelaide

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

The Easter bilby has made his annual visit to Adelaide Zoo. Creatures across the zoo were treated to special enrichment items which had been crafted for them by volunteers from the BEEZA group. 

Enjoying Easter treats for the first time was the latest addition to the zoo's quokka family. The joey was born to mother Yiray late last year.

One of the zoo's stars, Wang Wang the giant panda was able to tuck in to a cardboard egg which was filled with carrots and panda cake to snack on.

Easter Enrichment at Adelaide Zoo

The lemur troop at Adelaide Zoo tuck in to Easter themed enrichment

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

Across the zoo the ring-tailed lemur conspiracy were able to tuck in to cardboard easter eggs. Inside they found their favorite treats, sweet potato.

“Enrichment gives the animals an opportunity to use many of their natural behaviours including digging, scratching and excavating,” said Mark Smith, Curator of Adelaide Zoo.

“Enrichment also creates an educational opportunity to show our visitors how animals behave in the wild and a chance to engage with audiences, particularly kids.

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Guests visiting Adelaide Zoo over the Easter weekend are able to enjoy a conservation focused Easter trail until April 19th 2022.

Following this the zoo will begin a zen-focused school holiday activity program. Guests can follow a yoga trail around the site using QR codes which will guide those who are flexible and not so flexible through some yoga moves.

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Easter Enrichment at Adelaide Zoo

A giant panda at Adelaide Zoo enjoys an Easter themed enrichment item

Photo Credit: Zoos SA

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