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Gorilla Swap Aids Conservation of Species 

Saint Louis and Brookfield Zoo Gorilla Swap

February 8, 2023

Saint Louis Zoo and Brookfield Zoo have completed a swap of two male gorillas allowing for one to join a breeding group.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo Welcome Fifth Giraffe Calf 

Giraffe Calf Taronga Western Plains Zoo

February 6, 2023

Taronga Western Plains Zoo are celebrating the birth of their fifth giraffe calf within the last 12 months.

Audubon Zoo Celebrate Unconventional Groundhog Day 

Aardvark Groundhog Day Audubon Zoo

February 2, 2023

Audubon Zoo celebrated groundhog day but with no groundhog day they relied on another animal for their forecast, an aardvark.

Orana Wildlife Park Farewell Llama, Roldo 

Roldo the Llama Farewell at Orana Wildlife Park

February 2, 2023

Staff at Orana Wildlife Park have said goodbye to a staple of the zoo for over 23 years, Roldo the llama.

Porcupine Gives Birth at ZSL London Zoo 

Baby Porcupines Born at ZSL London Zoo

February 1, 2023

A cape porcupine at ZSL London Zoo has given birth to two porcupettes who grow an ever expanding family at the zoo.

Rare Wild Horse Calf Born at San Diego Zoo Safari Park 

Przewalski's Horse Foal Born at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

January 30, 2023

San Diego Zoo Safari Park have announced the birth of their first przewalski’s horse foal since 2014 to an important male.

Jetsetting Devils Add to Conservation Efforts at Ausie Ark 

Tasmanian Devils Jet in to Aussie Ark

January 26, 2023

Three jetsetting devils have flown in from around Australia to take up residence at Aussie Ark where they will bring genetic diversity to their breeding group.

Canada Lynx Trio Go on View at Woodland Park Zoo 

Lynx Exhibit Opens at Woodland Park Zoo

January 25, 2023

A trio of canada lynx have taken up residence in a new exhibit at Woodland Park Zoo where they are living in a fission-fusion grouping.

Newborn Nyala Calf Melts Hearts at Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo 

Nyala Calf at Edinburgh Zoo

January 24, 2023

Edinburgh Zoo have introduced their nyala calf born earlier this month in the first adorable photos of the new arrival.

Penguin Chicks Splash in to Life at Adelaide Zoo 

Penguin Chicks at Adelaide Zoo

January 22, 2023

Adelaide Zoo are celebrating one of their most successful years for the breeding of the little penguin with 5 chicks hatching.

Saint Louis and Brookfield Zoo Gorilla Swap
Gorilla Swap Aids Conservation of Species
Giraffe Calf Taronga Western Plains Zoo
Taronga Western Plains Zoo Welcome Fifth Giraffe Calf

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