Our glossary gives you all of the terms you need to know so you can better understand our site. Find the different categories we have grouped them into below. You can find out the proper names for baby animals, adult animals, groups of animals and some general terms.

There’s a bunch of fun stuff to discover once you begin to explore. For example did you know a group of owls is called a parliament? You can also discover the names of baby animals such as the mara pups below.

You can also explore our general glossary to learn the meaning of some of the more unusual terms we use in our animal fact files to explain what animal's get up to.


Baby Animal Names

Learn what animals are known as when they're young

Animal Group Names

Learn what a group of animal's is called for many different species.

Spinifex hopping mouse

Adult Animal Names

Learn the names for adult animal's including the different names for males and females.

tawny frogmouth

General Glossary

Learn the specialised terms and what they mean which we use to describe different animals and zoos.

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