Centralian Tree Frog Fact File


The Centralian tree frog is a green to olive green colour. Throughout the day they can change to appear darker to an almost black colour. Their underside is white. Their back is patterned with a range of white spots.

Their feet are webbed, and the hands are partially webbed.

Females are up to 8cm (3.1in) long which makes them larger than the males who typically measure up to 6.2cm (2.4in).


They feed on a range of small invertebrates.


Centralian tree frogs are found only in the Northern Territory in Australia. They reside in an area of the MacDonnell ranges close to the South Australian border.


Here they live in rocky gorges, wetland and shrubland where there are permanent or temporary water sources.

Scientific Name

Litoria gilleni

Conservation Status

Least Concern


Male 6.2cm (2.4in)

Female 8cm (3.1in)



Learn more about Centralian Tree Frogs in this video from Wilbur's Wildlife

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These frogs follow your typical frog life cycle. They start out as an egg and then hatch in to a tadpole. They spend time swimming in the water before metamorphosing in to an adult frog.

Specific information on their breeding habits is at present unavailable.


Their slow call sounds like a bark.

Centralian tree frogs are primarily active by night. During the day they hide under rocks.

Quick facts

The Centralian tree frog is also known as Gillens tree frog.

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