And Baby Makes 21. Taronga Zoo Sydney Welcome Chimp Infant


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May 28, 2023 10:22 pm


Taronga Zoo, New South Wales, Australia

Taronga Zoo Sydney have welcomed a chimpanzee infant to their community. Born in the early hours of Tuesday 23 May to experienced mother Lisa keepers report that the new infant is doing well.

“Whilst we have been monitoring and keeping a close eye on Lisa as she has progressed through her pregnancy, keepers were delighted when we arrived early on Tuesday morning to find female Chimpanzee Lisa, cradling a healthy female infant,” said Primate Supervisor, Richard Buzas.


“Lisa is an experienced mother who is 43-years-old. Lisa is bonding well with the newborn, holding her close, regularly suckling the infant, and is allowing other community members to meet the new infant.”

The infant will begin life cradled close to the chest of Lisa at all times. While the infant already has a tight grip Lisa will continue to keep hold to ensure the safety of the infant for the first few weeks of life till she is sure it can support its weight unassisted.

At present the chimpanzee community have the option to move between their off-display areas and the open air habitat on show to guests. While guests may gain a glimpse of the infant they are more likely to see some of the older infants aged between two and a half- to five -years-old at play in the habitat.

Chimpanzees are classified as endangered due to habitat loss, illegal wildlife trafficking for the pet trade and bushmeat hunters. Their low reproductive rate means the species struggles to recover from reductions in their population.

Taronga Conservation Society (Operators of Taronga Zoo Sydney) have a long standing partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute to help support the in-situ conservation initiatives at Tchimpounga in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Our Favourite Chimpanzee Fact!

A chimpanzee community is formed of several family units. These communities can grow to have as many as 100 members. These are led by an alpha male with regular jostling to take control of the group.

Image: © Taronga Zoo Sydney

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