Audubon Coastal Wildlife Network Rescue Sea Turtle

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Date: March 30, 2022 12:22 pm

Green Sea Turtle Rescued Audubon

Vets work to save a cold stunned sea turtle after it was rescued

Photo Credit: Audubon Coastal Wildlife Network

Audubon Coastal Wildlife Network (AWCN) have released a green sea turtle back to the ocean along the Grand Isle shoreline after it was successfully rehabilitated. The turtle, named Bayla by rescuers, was found cold-stunned in January.

“We have been eagerly awaiting this day,” said Audubon Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Stranding, Rescue, and Rehab Coordinator Gabriella Harlamert. “The last two months of rehab have been all for this. Being able to return Bayla to the wild is the best feeling ever, and it is why we do what we do.” 

The AWCN team rescued the turtle on January 23rd 2022. They had been contacted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration about a floating green sea turtle outside of Belle Pass in Port Fourchon, La. 

It was collected and taken to Audubon’s Aquatic Center where teams began treatment for cold stunning.

Turtles can suffer from cold stunning following a sudden drop in temperatures. Symptoms include decreased heart and respiration rates, decreased circulation, shock, and pneumonia. This can lead to the turtle becoming lethargic and unable to life its head from the water to breathe.

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Upon arrival treatment quickly began, the ACWN team gave Bayla fluids, antibiotics, and a full medical workup including ultrasound, radiographs, eye exam, physical exam, and blood work. 

While the turtle is suffering from being cold it is important that the temperature is raised slowly to ensure the turtle does not go in to shock. As they completed this the turtles interest in food gradually came back and it was able to swim better.

Harlamert added, “Prior to a release decision, our rehab patients go through an exit readiness exam. We repeat the same clinical test as performed during intake to ensure the animal’s health has improved. One of the biggest indicators of whether a sea turtle is ready for release is clear radiographs and clear bloodwork. In Bayla’s case, she passed her exit exam with flying colors.” 

AWCN are the only group in the state of Louisiana responsible for the rehabilitation of live marine mammals and sea turtles

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Learn more about the Audubon Coastal Wildlife Network on their website – Audubon Coastal Wildlife Network

Green Sea Turtle Rescued Audubon

Vets work to save a cold stunned sea turtle after it was rescued

Photo Credit: Audubon Coastal Wildlife Network

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